Letter to the men and women who work at the Barcelona City Council

In a few weeks time, I'll have the honour of heading up a new government at the Barcelona City Council, a government that is the fruit of an inspiring collective project. As incoming mayor, I would like, before anything else, to thank all of you who have been working for the city for years. We are very aware that the City Council functions, and enables Barcelona to function, thanks to the professionalism and commitment of its staff.

I want to express to everyone who works for the City Council, whether as a civil servant, temporary staff or subcontractor, my firm commitment, not only to maintaining current employment conditions, but also, as far as possible, to improving them. In Barcelona en Comú we have complete trust in your professionalism, and we know that the key to any successful city model is that it be shared; that as many people as possible make it their own and become protagonists in its construction. That's why we want our arrival at the City Council to herald an era of working together for the city. This is the vocation of every public servant, whether they be an elected official or an employee.

Over recent weeks and months, many ill-intentioned rumours have been spread about the consequences of a Barcelona en Comú mayoralty. We want to reassure you and request that, before believing any strange rumour, you get in touch with us directly with your questions and concerns. It's part of our team's DNA to be close to the people, to take on board everyone's experience, and to work side-by-side with the professionals who ensure that the city functions from day to day. Evidence of this intention is the fact that one of the main pledges in our electoral programme is for the Barcelona City Council to lead by example in tackling labour insecurity by introducing a quality standard for its contracts. We are deeply committed to making Barcelona a world model of a fair and democratic city, and this includes, without a shadow of a doubt, defending quality public services and guaranteeing that the City Council treats its workers in an exemplary way, through permanent dialogue and collaboration.

Looking forward to seeing you all in person in the coming weeks,

Ada Colau