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  • Momentum
    Orencio Osuna
  • No estamos solos. Un retrato de gente que está cambiando este país
    El Gran Wyoming


  • Premio Carlos Cano
    Ada Colau por su tarea como portavoz de la Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH)
    Asociación Granada Abierta
  • Premio a la Coherencia
    Ada Colau
    IU de Guardo (Palencia)


Ada Colau

I was born in the early morning of 3 March 1974, in Barcelona. Just a few hours earlier, Franco's fascist regime had murdered Salvador Puig Antich in Barcelona's La Modelo prison. This fact, which my mother reminds me of every year on my birthday, had a profound impact on me and has driven my commitment to social change. My parents were separated; Ramón, a talented photographer and illustrator,...

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Ada Colau has worked as a researcher and activist in the field of human rights for years, specialising in the fields of housing and the right to the city. Her professional and political experience over the past two decades include academic and informal study, working with civil society organizations, and participating in social movements. This path is typical of her generation, many of whom, in...

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